Covid Safety

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We have a Covid 19 Safety Plan to keep our cafe as safe as possible. We have installed plexi glass screens at our counter, we’ve moved water bottles, salt and pepper, sugar etc. from front of house to our kitchen. Every table, chair, salt and peppers, menus and table number is sanitised between customers. We are complying with government instruction in regard to spacial distancing. We are not accepting keep cups and staff are sanitising their hands every time they return to the kitchen from the front of house area. Periodically, when Covid is active is Sydney, staff will wear masks whenever they are front of house.

Gluten intolerant, other food allergy or intolerance?

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Please let us know and we will try as hard as we can to accommodate any allergy or intolerance you have and rest assured we understand the importance of doing all we can to avoid any cross contamination in our kitchen. Many of our menu items are gluten free including a couple of pretty yummy cakes and anything that has bread listed in our menu can be easily made on gluten free bread for you at no extra cost. We want you to feel comfortable that you’re safe eating at Benny’s.

Benny’s Book Sharing Shelf

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Sadly, we have packed away our Books until Covil 19 has ended.

But usually on the wall opposite our front door is our book shelf, where everyone can feel free to borrow a book from here or drop off some of your old books you no longer want. This is a very relaxed book exchange that has pretty much grown by itself over the time John and Jill have owned Benny’s.

We try to do our bit for our planets health

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We are trying to do the best we can to protect our planet while still giving our customers the best quality we can. To this end we use bio cups, for both our hot and cold takeaways, they are completely biodegradable, recycled and have no petrochemical waterproofing. We no longer use plastic straws, we use biodegradable cardboard straws. We don’t wrap our bickies and cakes in plastic wrap at days end, instead they spend the night wrapped in beeswax covered fabric. The fast majority of our cleaning products are green and we now have Who Gives a Crap toilet paper in our loo, which is not only recycled but give a percentage of their profits to building toilets in third world countries.

Canine customers welcome but only outside on our terrace

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By law only working Assistance Dogs are allowed inside cafes, but if you would like your canine friend to join you on our terrace they are welcome as long as they are on a leash and well behaved. There is a bowl of water out there to make them comfy after a long walk or on a hot day. We have moved some railing near the water tank on your right as you look at the building, making room for them to get straight onto the terrace. Just ask a staff member to help you if you need to.

Our lovely tea

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Our beautiful Teas and Tisannes are all organic and Fair Trade. We use loose leaves in pots – no tea bags, and we don’t use water from our coffee machine (it’s far to hot for tea), we heat water to the correct temperature for the tea or tisanne you’ve ordered. At Benny’s we care as much about our tea drinkers as we do about our coffee drinkers.

You don’t have to be grown up to eat at Benny’s

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Unfortunately, until Covid 19 is over, our toys and books have been packed away, hopefully it won’t be too long before we can get them out of storage again.

We know little humans can be messy and noisy sometimes and we’re fine with that. We have blocks etc. to play with to help amuse small people, so you can be relaxed bringing little ones to Benny’s. We don’t have a set Kid’s menu but we are happy to scale down many of our regular menu items for children’s appetites. And, although we shouldn’t even have to say so, of course we’re happy for breast fed people to have their food while Mum has hers.

As fresh as we can make it for you

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We create all of our cakes and bickies in Benny’s kitchen, we grind your organic coffee when you order it – not before, and your meal is freshly cooked to order – no bain-maries here. So please be patient, especially when it’s busy, we’ll be doing our best to get everyone’s food and drinks out to them as fast as we can without compromising quality.

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